Meglithogonic Chamber

A semi-functional, proof-of-concept prototype by Daniel Palmér and Peter Romich

Based on a liberal interpretation of partial blueprints, dated at 1947, recently uncovered in an abandoned social innovation research lab in the secluded Carpathian mountain range of Romania, an approximate, semi-functional prototype of a Meglithogonic Chamber has been recreated by a small team of contemporary interaction designers.

The Meglithogonic Chamber was, in its time, an extremely innovative initiative – to facilitate enhanced individual privacy in a pre-digital era while communicating electronically in group social situations through an interactive lamp-helmet.

The original Meglithogonic Chamber was uncanny in its ability to foresee the contemporary state of communications technology, which frequently extracts involuntary sacrifices from the user when interacting with the public digital sphere in the regards to disembodiment, isolation, exposure, privacy violations, disconnectedness and personal space.


Plans for future prototyping

When an individual ceases to be in motion while using a mobile device, thereby indicating that personal privacy is likely required in order to access global social networks, and before the individual can be accosted by an unrequested real-world social interaction, the activated Isologon lowers itself onto the individual, completely engulfing the head and prohibiting unwanted contact with the outside world.

While so engulfed, various multimedia features are triggered as a soothing reminder of the individual’s important status in the crucial virtual domains of the digital realm.



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  1. 22 March, 2012 | Peter

    A related project from 2005 by Matthew Irvine Brown (et al), (Thx Eric!):